Ryan Lewis of Macklemore fame still trying to sell Seattle Manse

Seems our hot real estate market does have a down side at least according to a recent article On Seattle Curbed. Musician and performer Ryan Lewis is still trying to unload his home In Magnolia a neighborhood of Seattle. Read the full story

In 2014, Macklemore cohort Ryan Lewis snapped up a four-bedroom, 3.75-bath home in Magnolia for $3.3 million. Turns out he doesn’t have the Same Love for it now because he’s put it back on the market, but this time he’s asking $9.45 million! Looks like somebody wants to Make The Money.

This isn’t just some kind of attempt to cash in on the market, there’s clearly been work done on the 7,610 square-foot estate overlooking Puget Sound. Those gold leaf ceilings certainly weren’t there back in 2014. The distressed wood floors are new as well. Other touches such as Venetian plaster, flamed granite, and polished marble have been added or buffed up to bring this place up to snuff. Those White Walls, however, look relatively the same.

The master suite is a bright & white shrine that leads into the all-marble-everything master bath. Waking up in there will make you feel like you’ve got Wing$.


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