Former VP Training Local Leaders

Former Vice President Al Gore and Climate Reality group train 800 leaders

More than 11 years ago, “An Inconvenient Truth” debuted, featuring a slide show former Vice President Al Gore put together detailing the dangers the world faced from climate change.

Glacial melt, increased extreme weather events and widespread drought were just a few of the effects of an increasing global temperature assisted by man-made pollutants.

On Tuesday, Gore came to Bellevue and presented his followup presentation to more than 800 climate change leaders at the “Climate Reality” training in Downtown’s Meydenbauer Center.

“We need to ask ourselves three questions: One, do we need to change? Two, can we change? Three, will we change?” Gore asked. “The answer to all three questions is yes, for the record.”

The Climate Reality Project was founded by Gore in 2011, and seeks to train leaders who can take information and advocacy back to their communities all over the world. Bellevue hosted the 35th Leadership Corps training for Climate Reality June 27-29. Much of Gore’s topics focused on major issues in the state of Washington.

After a prayer from the great-great-great-great-grandson of Chief Seattle, Ken Workman, several speakers reinforced the importance of their cause.

“We want you to go out and speak knowledgeably about climate change and organize around climate change,” said Ken Berlin, president and CEO of Climate Reality. “We have to minimize damage from this administration. We can’t afford to have a four-year gap in our efforts.”

Much like in his slide show in an “Inconvenient Truth,” the former vice president pointed to piles of scientific studies to back his and the vast majority of the scientific community’s arguments about anthropogenic climate change, citing the increasing frequency of extreme weather events and the scarcity and humanitarian issues they are poised to cause as good catalysts to enact change.

If the human race continues its current output of adding 110 million tons per day of carbon into the atmosphere, mid-range projections have the planet’s average temperature rising by 5.8 percent by 2050.

Gore pointed to massive flooding in Carnation, Stanwood and the tragic Oso landslide as “freak” events happening more and more often as the


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