New Movie Experience Comes to Bellevue

Bellevue’s Cinemark Reserve Lincoln Square creates a new way to watch movies.

The Cinemark Reserve in Lincoln Square, which opened its doors Aug. 3, was specifically designed to offer moviegoers a new way to watch films with state-of-the-art technology.

Cinemark’s Vice President of Marketing, James Meredith, said the theater “creates an experience that simply can’t be replicated at home.”

It all begins in the kiosk just outside the theater. With a touchscreen display, guests can select the movie, the time and their seats. “It’s so great because you will always know exactly where you’re going to sit,” Meredith said.

Once entering, there is a large concession stand with popcorn, candy, drinks and customized butter stations.

“We’ve got everything any moviegoer would want. We’ve done a lot of research and have asked people what would enhance their movie going experience, and one of the biggest things was butter. People are very particular on how their popcorn is buttered. Some people like a lot of butter, some like just a little but, some just want want it on half. So, we have butter stations to better accommodate people’s butter preferences,” he said.

The theater includes a full kitchen that creates gourmet appetizers, flatbread pizzas, rosemary fries, salads, sandwiches, sliders, plus gourmet desserts, as well as a full bar that hosts local craft beers, wine and cocktails. Adjoining the kitchen and bar is a large lounge and terrace where guests can enjoy food, drinks and friends.

Each of the six auditoriums house over 100 luxury ergonomic loungers that have three different heat settings. The loungers come with a swivel table to accommodate the seat-side service from the full kitchen.

All the auditoriums have a curved, wall-to-wall screen designed to make every seat the best seat to see the crisp, clear digital picture. The enhanced surround sound system, along with the picture, offer guests an immersive moviegoing experience.


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