Make your 2018 Amazing by L. Howard

Tools to help you make 2018 amazing( 12 minutes)


  • Read more( when is the last time you read a book.


  Reading recommendations

Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson,  

Unlimited Power, Tony Robbins,

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Depak Chopra,

See you at the Top by Zig Ziglar.

  1. Seek out a mentor or coach or accountability partner for 2018. Challenger yourself to get beyond yourself through someone else’s mindset
  2. Love More, Pray more and meditate more for higher ideas, concepts thoughts that can alter your course.
  3. Give to to others: Invest your time, talent and abilities in others. Volunteer, strangers and organizations
  4. Write a letter to yourself
  5. Reward your success ( trip, clothes , shopping)

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